About museum


Mining in our valley left a great mark on our city. Centuries of mining, transformed Zagorje into a modern European city. The locals like to say »that we have more then the big ones«. The story of mining can be viewed from different angles, which leads to the fact that this story in some cases can be black and dare in the other case bright and inspiring. Deeper we dig into the history of Zagorje ob Savi and try to define it, we come to the fact that no point in the life can not be only black and no fully bright. Also mining in Zagorje valley left mixed legacy. On the one side the history of mining left a lot od degraded areas, on the other hand, a reach mining heritage provides an opportunity for the development of the cultural and turist sector. In Zagorje we decide to take advantage of opportunities and to create stories that will be studied and upgraded even generations after us. We should say that mining left as the most positive value: the people who live in our valley and co-create aou common future while respecting our past.

Mining museum Zagorje was first opened od 17. November 1995 as a memorial to the 240 years of mining in Zagorje valley. Zagorje ob Savi preserve mining haritage and so in 2015 completed the project of reconstruction and renewal of the mining museum: a new additional interactive content was added to attract visitors from all parts of Slovenia and other countries.

Website of mining museum Loke is full of informations, curiosities, peculiarities that are worty of reading. We still must you invide in our region, because the only way you can feel the hospitality of the people, diverse tourist attracitons and rich mining heritage, all visitors are invited to explore our green fresh valleys.